Chairman's Messages

Dear Shareholders, Partners and all employees of Thien Long Group,

Thien Long 2022 – Bright color gamut in the picture of Economic Valatility

In 2022, the world economy witnessed the “dark - light” interwoven colors. In addition to the bright side of recovery in the post Covid-19 period, challenges still exist due to rising energy prices, high inflation, declining global trade in goods, etc... The general difficulties of the world have a strong impact on the Vietnamese economy in various ways. Still,
Vietnam’s economy had a strong recovery, GDP increased by 8.02%.

Contributing a bright picture to Vietnam’s economic situation in 2022, Thien Long Group quickly stepped out of the “pandemic shadow” and strongly transformed into a leading position. The group reached a net revenue of VND 3,521 billion, increasing by 32% with a profit of VND 401 billion, and by 45% over the previous year.

Thien Long’s almost-immediate recovery was clearly and comprehensively demonstrated through a series of events, from production to sales, product distribution to marketing campaigns... Significant events as the inauguration of a new factory run by Thien Long Long Thanh with a maximum capacity of 739 million products per year and the opening of a new distribution center in the Le Minh Xuan Industrial Area with the ability to meet 1,000 orders per shift... The group also opened a chain of Clever Box stores, which create different experiences for consumers and create the impression of a young and fresh Thien Long through the Pastel campaign “Toa tri thuc - Bung khi chat”.

Predominantly, Thien Long of 2022 has bravely stepped out of the “safety zone” to experience new things, creating leverage to bounce higher and further in the near future. Specifically, Thien Long expanded its knowledge product ecosystem when announcing a partnership with PEGA, a company in the publishing field. The Group invests in the development of many products to serve the creative, emotional, spiritual, and personality needs of users. These activities pave the way for the journey of refreshing products, laying the next bricks to diversify the product ecosystem and touch the hearts of Vietnamese consumers.

Ending 2022 with internal strength that increased persistently, Thien Long Group affirmed its top position in the stationery industry, actively creating new growth potentials, opening the door to conqueringthe “Ten-thousand-billion enterprise” goal.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Thien Long 2023 - For a happy learning life

In 2023, the world’s and Vietnam’s economic situations are forecast to suffer different unpredictable fluctuations. However, when looking at these fluctuations from a different perspective, challenges are the driving force for Thien Long to innovate itself, creating strong resistance for the staff. Along with the available potential, Thien Long is ready to adapt to the new situation based on a comprehensive, flexible, and sustainable business strategy.

The Group’s vision is to inspire and provide complete and efficient solutions for a happy learning life for the Vietnamese. This vision means that Thien Long will have vertical and horizontal development, “blurring the limits” in business, and joining the “emotion-seeking trend” that young consumers are waiting for.


Horizontally, new strategy expands the range of products, services, and solutions, creating a variety of new business opportunities. Thien Long’s product ecosystem will more fully serve the reading - writing - drawing - listening - visual activities of the Vietnamese.

Vertically, Thien Long develops highly innovative product lines that match the personalities, styles and trends of Vietnamese and international consumers. young. Thien Long hopes that via its products, users will be immersed in the joy and happiness of the process of working, learning and creativity. These transformations help Thien Long improve product
value, increase costs and create business advantages, leading to sustainable revenue growth in the industry.

As regards international business activities, with the spirit of a national brand, Thien Long focuses on increasing market share, optimizing profits, and bringing high quality Vietnamese products to consumers in over 70 countries. Thien Long’s journey of over 2 decades of influence beyond the borders of Vietnam has never stopped, and it is getting stronger in the period of 2023-2027.

Along with Business Growth Targets, the Group persistently follows sustainable development strategy in purpose of long-term values for the business itself, the community and future generations. Over the past years, Thien Long has effectively applied the environmental management system in accordance with international standard ISO 14001:2004 and has implemented various synchronous solutions to contribute to environmental protection such as reuse of materials, energy, quality, control and treatment of wastewater - waste, invest in power-saving machines, install solar battery systems, spend research resources for environmentally friendly products... At the same time, we put our hearts and efforts to contribute to the development of the Education through meaningful social programs such as University entrance exam support, Sharing with teachers, Young talents for education, For the green school.

Thank you and Best Regards,