About Thien Long Group



Thien Long commits to providing the best quality products, stationery products, services serving the studying, working, creative activities, contributing to conquer the peak of mankind knowledge.

Core values

Diversity and Inclusion


Challenges and Innovation



  • BOOST BRAND » Boosting Thien Long brand that gives inspiration of Vietnamese values and provides its clients with solutions for lifelong learning and happiness. Thien Long will also be a favorite recruitment brand and a brand that reflects the values and reputation of its investors on the Vietnamese stock market. Promoting FlexOffice brand to be a leading recognized brand of pens and stationery in Southeast Asia.
  • OPTIMIZE OMNI-CHANNEL » Optimizing the advantages of traditional channels (GT), promoting the key stores program, transforming the model from customers to sales partners to increase the connection between the Group and points of sale. Increase the image of displaying and experiencing Thien Long products at points of sale in modern models (MT) and retail. At the same time, promoting brand promotion activities in the media, focusing on emerging channels with direct contact with consumers to bring a full and fast experience to customers about Thien Long's new products.
  • WORLD-CLASS EXPANSION » The Group will strive to localize the Southeast Asian markets, increase its revenue, and gradually optimize its profits. International business development serves as a bridge for Thien Long to further move forward as it creates more opportunities for OEM and ODM segments facilitating the Group in learning more from its domestic and foreign partners about sustainable product development.
  • EXPAND ECOSYSTEM » The Group will rely on its strength of distribution channels and brands to develop new products/categories to expand its ecosystem to a comprehensive solution for reading, writing, drawing, listening and watching.
  • ORGANIZE FOR GROWTH » The Group will strongly invest in human resources development, and flexibly accept the calculated risks related to its potential projects to promote rapid but sustainable development so that it can achieve its business ambitions. The Group will further strengthen sustainable development practices (ESG) to achieve measurable results and boost the emotional connection between the Group and its consumers



  • Top 50 Best Listed Companies in Vietnam (2013 - 2022).
  • Top 10 Vietnam Gold Star Awards in 2003, 2018, 2021-2022.
  • One of the enterprises whose products have been recognized as Vietnam National Brands 2022.
  • Vietnamese High-Quality Goods Award (1997 - 2022).
  • op 100 Sustainable Enterprises (2016-2022) (based on the Corporate Sustainability Index (CSI) Program).
  • Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Awards 2022.
  • The Third Class Labor Medal in 2016, 2021.
  • Top 50 Most Effective Business Companies in Vietnam for 10 consecutive years (2011-2022)
Thien Long Group's production and business in 5 brand names
Premium products with typical ones including: Premium ballpoint pen (BIZ-01, BIZ-04, BIZ-05); Premium fountain pen (BIZ-FT01, BIZ-FT02); Premium rollerball pens (BIZ-RB01); Premium pencils (BIZ-PC01, BIZ-P01, BIZ-P02 ...).
The brand represents the product line of Art supplies, which includes products for children's fine arts and creativity, such as Colored crayons, Oil pastels, Colored plastic crayons, Colored pencils, Colored fiber pens, Watercolors, Modelling doughs, Coloring books, etc.
The writing instruments and convenient office supplies (TL brand name) include traditional product lines such as: Ballpoint pens, gel pens, rollerball pens, fineliners, etc.
A range of school supplies for students such as: boards, chalks, rulers, compasses, pencils, erasers, pastes, scissors, notebooks ... and special products such as fountain pens for handwriting training, fountain pens with cartridge, dustless chalks, etc.
Office supplies include products for the office public such as papers, pens of all kinds, stationeries, file covers, tapes, pastes and others.