Thien Long – the “childhood friend” and the breakthrough changes

Date : 30-06-2020

Accompanying many generations of Vietnamese students: from 1980s – 1990s to the 2000s; Thien Long has also gradually grown up, from a small scale company to an stationery “empire” with nearly 40 years of development with many brands favored by customers.

Thien Long: steady steps, side by side companion with many generations of students

Established in 1981, until now, Thien Long has accompanied Vietnamese consumers for nearly 40 years, with students as the main proportion of customer. The beautiful high-quality ball-point pen of Thien Long has grown up in the “heart” of millions of young people.

Phuong Nga – a 1990s student emotionally said: “When I was in secondary school, I could forget to bring books but I had to bring a Thien Long ball-point pen. My mom often bought a whole box and divided it to 3 of us. I was so happy every time I could use a new pen. I remember that at that time, to prevent from losing it, I even wrote my name or made a sign on it. Now at work, there is not much chance to use pens as before, but sometimes when I go to the bookstores, seeing the familiar pens makes me so happy, and reminisce my childhood.”

Many years pass by, when generations of students grew up, leaving school, stepping into the circle of society: Thien Long still accompanies them in another more worthy, classy way. Thien Long has released many outstanding products and made its mark on the market such as Premium product Bizner… beside the school supplies which has made its name such as: TL pen, School supplies Diem 10, Office Supplies FlexOffice, Art Supplies Colokit… Target customers of Thien Long expand to many segments, ranging from children to office workers… which contributes to the wider coverage of the group, the position in domestic stationery segment is also increasing.

Change in the position of the brand does not mean growing distant from customers. Not choosing the dashing promotion campaign which is superficial instead of focusing on actions, Thien Long has always been pondering over the objectives for the community and a dream to elevate the knowledge, study and work of Vietnamese people. In the future, Thien Long wish to hold the hands of generations of consumers to step forward by the products “made by Vietnamese people, for Vietnamese people”. The knowledge journey may be difficult, but do not worry, Thien Long is still accompanying with you side by side.

Keep on growing up, attempt to reach out to the world

Keeping up with the fast-moving of global science – technology, Thien Long also quickly invest in technology to improve product quality, concentrate resource to create new models, products suitable with the time. So as not to be dependent on the import material, Thien Long gradually produces ink by itself. Until 2018, total ink production of Thien Long had met with 100% demand for permanent marker, rollerball pen, color marker, highlighter, fountain pen ink; 79% demand for gel ball-point pen and 40% demand for gel pen. Beside ink, the group can also self-produce other material, such as: mold, pen point… in order to mitigate the dependence on import material. To do this, Thien Long not only show excellent research ability in technology, but also bring Viet soul, “Viet mind” into production.

Going through 40 years of development, the entire team from the leading board to a single worker each hold a vision, a philosophy of business and a shared objective – which is making the company become the leading stationery group in both South East Asia and Asia. In the future, we can totally expect the appearance of Thien Long Stationery, a “made in Vietnam” product in the global market.