Thien Long wins Vietnam Value award for the third time in a row

Date : 09-12-2020

Despite difficulties caused by the Covid-19 epidemic and natural disasters, Thien Long Group has been honored with the Vietnam Value 2020 award by the Trade Promotion Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Thien Long Group is one of the 124 enterprises, including big names as Mobifone, Nam Ha Pharmaceutical, Hoa Phat Group, BRG Group who passed more than 1,000 competitors to win the title this year.

The award ceremony was held on November 25 in Hanoi, within the framework of the 2020 Vietnam Value Products and Enterprises Announcement Ceremony.

Since 2016, this is the third consecutive time Thien Long Group has received this prestigious award. The recognition shows Thien Long’s great efforts, affirms its product quality as well as responsibility to consumers and social communities.

Initiated in 2003, the Vietnam Value Program has achieved positive results, attracted special attentions and established a reputation among enterprises, management authorities, domestic as well as abroad consumers. Every two years, the program will evaluate and honor typical product brands and enterprises that represent the Vietnam Value, contributing to affirm Vietnam as a country having high quality goods and services and highly competitive in the global market.

More specifically, the Vietnam Value Program is the unique, long-term and the only trade promotion program of the Government that aims at building and developing national brands through Product Brands.

Winning the Vietnam Value award will help enterprises to comprehensively evaluate activities, business results and branding strategy through the Program's criteria system; thereby creating a premise for the enterprises to share and pursue the core values: Quality - Innovation, Creativity - Pioneering capacity.

This year, due to the impact of the long-lasting Covid-19 epidemic and historic natural disasters in the Central region, the selection and evaluation of enterprises faced many difficulties. However, from a positive perspective, epidemics and natural disasters have become opportunities and challenges for the enterprises to show their flexibility, acumen, and ability to seize opportunities to build and develop brands. Therefore, the criteria to review the enterprises this year become more diversified, thorough and rigorous.

Thien Long is the Vietnam Value award winner for three consecutive times

The year 2020 is the third consecutive year that Thien Long Group has been honored with the Vietnam Value award. To win this award, Thien Long Group had to try to meet rigorous selection criteria from the award organizers, to prove its production and business capacity and to make a lot of contributions to the community and society.

Over the past four decades, Thien Long Group has developed significantly, occupying large market share in the domestic stationery sector. Thien Long's internal strength is shown in many aspects: good production capacity, leading in scientific research and technology investment in production, methodical strategies for business activities, advertising and promote.

Strong internal capacity helps the Group to continuously create many new values, diversify and improve product quality, promote the general development of the entire stationery industry in Vietnam.

Thien Long Group owns five key brands: writing instruments and mass stationery products - TL, high-end stationery products - Bizner, Office supplies - FlexOffice, School supplies – Diem 10 and Art supplies - Colokit. Thien Long's products are capable of serving a wide range of ages, diverse uses and receive the trust and adoration of consumers.

With the desire to bring the crystallization of Vietnamese wisdom go global, Thien Long Group boosts export and expands the stationery supplier map in 65 countries, is present in 11/11 Southeast Asian Countries and conquered many other fastidious markets such as the United States, Europe, Japan, ...

With the recognition as the Vietnam Value award winner for three consecutive years, Thien Long Group will have more resources and encouragement from the Government to continuously expand business, pioneering in bringing Vietnamese stationery to continue competing in the global market./.