Thien Long Group is in the Top 50 of Vietnam's leading brands and presents in the six Vietnamese companies of Asia's 200 Best Under-A-Billion List

Date : 17-12-2020

On December 17th, Thien Long Group was announced in the list of the Vietnam’s Top 50 Brands voted by Forbes Vietnam. Earlier on November 23, according to Forbes Asia, Thien Long excellently presents in the six Vietnamese companies of Asia's 200 Best Under-A-Billion List for the first time.


This is considered as a "double-victory" in the fourth quarter of 2020 of Thien Long Group. To be in the list of Vietnam’s Top 50 Brands voted by Forbes Vietnam and valued at USD 24.3 million, Thien Long Group has not only demonstrated its non-stop efforts during a turbulent year, but also brought skyrocketing business results with big revenue. Thien Long Group is also known as presenting in Vietnam’s top 50 brands, together with brands such as Viettel, Vinamilk, VNPT, PNJ, Biti's, Minh Long I, ...

This is the fifth consecutive year that Forbes Vietnam has ranked the most valuable brands dividing by sectors. Forbes Vietnam's assessment of the enterprises in the list is based on objective criteria, including the development, growth rate, and sustainability and transparency of the business. In addition, in terms of methodology, Forbes Vietnam follows the evaluation method of Forbes (USA) to calculate the role of brand contribution to performance of the business.

In order to be in the ranking of Vietnam’s top 50 brands in a difficult year like 2020, brands on the one hand have strengthened and increased their position in existing customers’ trust, on the other hand, have always hold the key actions to reaching new customers. Along with the ceremony to honor the Vietnam’s top 50 brands, the guests were also allowed to participate in the branding conference "Branding in Covid-19 period" to update digital marketing trends, branding in and post of Covid-19 period. Through the conference, well-known experts and business leaders will gather and discuss methods of building brands based on digital tools to reach users effectively, especially the approach to the future generation of consumers.

Previously on November 23, Thien Long Group was announced to become one of six Vietnamese companies Asia's 200 Best Under-A-Billion List for the first time, selected by Forbes Asia. In which, Thien Long is recognized as one of the enterprises with impressive performance throughout its history until 2019. Referred to with 60% of the domestic pen market share, in the last year, Thien Long's revenue reached the mark of VND 3,252 billion and profit after tax reached VND 349 billion, grew 14% and 18.7% respectively than the previous year.

Thien Long Group is one of six Vietnamese enterprises in the top Asia's 200 Best Under-A-Billion.

According to Forbes Asia, the list of 200 selected enterprises outperformed their competitors in terms of revenue, profit growth, debt control and good corporate administration, thereby achieving good business results despite the difficult economic situation. The six Vietnamese enterprises present in the list, there are two representatives in the real estate sector: Century Real Estate Joint Stock Company (CRE), Phat Dat Real Estate Joint Stock Company (PDR), two representatives in the household industry are Dong Hai Ben Tre Joint Stock Company (DHC), Thien Long Group Joint Stock Company (TLG), one representative in the seafood sector is Nam Viet Joint Stock Company (ANV) and the other representative is Taseco Aviation Services Joint Stock Company (AST).